Smoky Mountain Moonshine Still Art Print

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 584 original

An archival premium Quality Art Print of Smoky Mountain Moonshine Still in Gatlinburg for sale by Brandywine General Store, showing the building where some of the shine is made and sold. A very nice looking building very much suited for the moonshine business. A large gable is in the center with a big glass jar which is used to hold the moonshine for sale, smaller wooden barrels are to either side. Two smaller gables are on each side with a whiskey barrel hanging from each one. In the roofline are two dormers or "doghouses" as country people like to call them, two large flues are on either end. At the very top is a square loft built on with yet another doghouse.  Several big openings are on the bottom floor which let the many thousands of tourists a week get in and out. A large still is set up inside to show the process of the moonshine being made. A vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle is also on display. Rock walls and foundation add the finishing touches to this grand structure Picture #584 an original Smoky Mountain art print made from a photograph in the Brandywine collection.

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