Monticello Framed with Prince's Feather Art Print

Brandywine General Store


A Museum Quality Art Print of Monticello Framed with Prince's Feather in the foreground along with other blooming flowers in the beds of Thomas Jefferson's home in Charlottesville VA for sale by Brandywine General Store. The Prince's Feather is an annual flower and is also known as Kiss-me-over-the-gate and Oriental Persicary, this towering, tender annual was first grown in Virginia by Williamsburg's John Custis in 1737. An oriental native, Prince's Feather grows quickly to six or seven feet and produces pendulous clusters of bead-like, bright-pink flowers that crown the robust and lush foliage. Flowering through the summer, it is a striking specimen as a fast-growing accent for the flower border. Picture #605 an original archival historical landscape by Brandywine General Store.

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