1885 Birds Eye View of Phoenix AZ Art Print

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A Museum Quality Art Print of the Village of Phoenix Arizona from 1885 when the population was only 3500 people. A picture of the town of Phoenix when it was in fact still a small town, it was a beautiful place with lined out blocks with picturesque houses on each block or a small business, while shade trees lined almost every street. The dark areas I believe, are where the irrigation canals were running out water. On the lower right corner a description was written about the town, it states Phoenix, the County seat of Maricopa County, is situated in the Salt River Valley, 28 miles north of Maricopa Station, on the Southern Pacific Railroad. The town in embowered in shade trees and shrubbery, has streams of living water through every street, is surrounded by orchards, gardens and vineyards, and is one of the handsomest in the West. The streets face the cardinal points, are broad and spacious and lined with trees. The County Courthouse, in the center of a square and surrounded by trees is a handsome two story brick, surmounted by a tower. The school house is a large and commodious brick structure, of two stories, almost hidden in a cottonwood grove. The Methodists, Baptists and Catholics have tasteful places of worship. There are several large mercantile establishments, a steam flouring mill with daily capacity of 180 barrels, two ice factories and a planing mill. The Odd Fellows, Masons Workmen, Knights of Pythias, Good Templars and Chosen Friends have flourishing organizations. Two newspapers, the Herald and Gazette, have daily and weekly editions. The altitude is 1800 feet above sea level and the climate is one of the healthiest in the World. Snow never falls and roses are in bloom in December. Phoenix is the center of an extensive and fertile valley almost 50 miles in length by 10 miles in width and contains over 300,000 acres. Every variety of grain, grasses, fruits and vegetables give a prolific yield. For fruits, grape culture and wine making the soil and climate are especially adapted. Everything is grown by irrigation. Eight canals convey the water from the Salt River over the land. The Arizona canal is one of the largest works of its kind in the United States, it is over 40 miles in length, 86 feet wide on the bottom and 58 feet on top, is 7 feet deep and has a capacity of 46,000 miner's inches. It has reclaimed and made valuable over 100,000 acres of rich land. The territorial Insane Asylum is situated near the town, also the extensive and beautiful grounds of the Arizona Industrial Exposition. The Normal school is situated nine miles up the river. A branch road from the Southern Pacific will be completed to Phoenix by January 01, 1886. The town is rapidly growing and its charming situation will yet make it the leading city of Arizona. Population is about 3,500. This must have been some type of advertisement for the city which was handed out to get people to come live here and it evidently worked. On the left bottom corner is a listing of 29 of the more popular places in the city, including the Churches, Banks, Papers, Hotels, Lumber Yard, ice factory, swimming baths, public school house, canals, and some of the more affluent residences.

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