1664 Latin World Map by J. Blaeu Fine Art Cartography Print

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A Museum Quality Print of the 1664 Map of the World by J. Bleau which was published in Amsterdam. This beautiful work of art is surrounded by colorful car-touches, the bottom has four figures, each pulled by a different animal, representing the four seasons. The first season Spring, then Summer, Fall and Winter. The Latin translates roughly into The New and Most Accurate World Map. The World is shown in two spheres with this being one of the early maps that show California as an island. Almost all of North America was still uncharted as well as the interior of South America. The coasts of both continents are settled and fully shown on this map. The white colors on this map were not redone, so they show the yellowness of age, so beware of that if you are interested in this print. Some people though like the old aged look.

At Fine Art Prints of Distinction we painstakingly repair the original files of these old paintings and print them using premium quality inks and paper. The end result is a beautiful, archival reproduction print that will last in your home for generations and at a low cost so anyone can now have great artworks in their home or business. Brandywine General Store is proud to offer for sale a Premium Fine Art Print made from the 1664 Map of the World by J. Bleau.

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