1649 Map of the Kingdom of France by J. Blaeu

Brandywine General Store


A Museum Quality Print of the 1649 Map of the Kingdom of France by J. Blaeu for sale by Brandywine General Store. This is a very historic map which shows all the towns, cities, roads, mountains and about anything else you want to see in medieval France. In the upper right corner is the Kingdom of Germany with a car-touche that has a 2 headed black eagle or some type of bird inside. In the bottom left corner is the main car-touche with two allegorical figures, one with a musical instrument and the other with a spear. A crown is on top of this colorful illustration with Gallia printed in big letters underneath along with Le Royaume de France. England or Angliae Pars is shown across the Oceanus Britannicus. Our antique map reproductions look especially well in studies, offices or any place of business and are also great gifts for the history buff in your family. This map shows wear and has some folds, all of which could not be taken out because of all the small printed names that completely cover this map. Nevertheless, a very detailed and historic map of the Kingdom of France in the middle ages. Picture #26

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