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Maine License Plate Collection just listed

Maine License Plate Collection just listed
Brandywine General Store has just purchased an almost complete collection of better quality license plates from the Northern state of Maine. We now have listed almost every year from 1916 through 2010. Maine did something with their license plates in 1948 that very few states have ever tried, they used brass instead of metal to fabricate their plates. We have an excellent minus example of the famous 1948 brass license plate. Most of the paint is still on our example which is also rare, as the paint would come off these brass examples fairly easily. In 1949 most plates were still made of brass, but the higher registration numbers were made of aluminum and we also have one of the 1949 Maine aluminum plates also in excellent minus condition. Our collection runs up through the lobster plates as well as the Maine Chickadee plates. Hurry up though, most of our years available from this collection are just one per year, so when they are gone they are gone until we can find more.
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