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Just bought a large collection of License Plates

Just bought a large collection of License Plates

Brandywine General Store just purchased a large collection of license plates from several various states. Perhaps the best of the lot was a group of West Virginia license plates from the 1960s and 1970 which were in excellent condition, this in itself is a rarity for West Virginia license plates, but these plates also came with their original wrappers and the small DAV key chains with the same DMV registration number. There aren't many complete sets of WV license plates, wrapper and Disabled American Veterans Tags left in the state anymore. You can't beat this license plate combination for Year of Manufacture on your classic WV muscle car, it will surely impress everyone at the car shows. We also got a large box of VA tags from the 50s and 60s including several pairs of NOS pairs also good for YOM registration.

Another highlight was a grouping of earlier Illinois license plates including several from the World War II era. Due to the metal shortage during the War Years, the state of IL used fiberboard to make their license plates. It was rumored that in the countryside goats would actually nibble at the license plates that were still fastened to the cars. The DMV of IL must have liked the fiber board or else they bought a huge supply and needed to use it because they continued producing the fiberboard plates until 1948 which was a full 3 years after World War II ended.

Rounding out our purchase is a large lot of later date New Mexico and Nebraska tags, several from Indiana from the 1930s, a large lot of New Hampshire from the 50s and 60s, older Connecticut from the 20s thru 50s, including several pair with the large metal cutout date tabs. We also got 3 boxes of Massachusetts which included years from the 1920s thru 50s. So come on by and check out all our new offerings in the License Plates of the 50 States category at Brandywine General Store.

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