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License Plates of fifty states

License Plates of fifty states
At Brandywine General Store a large part of our online offering is our huge selection of DMV license plates from all fifty states. We stock better quality plates for year of manufacture registration and collections. Year of Manufacture or YOM is putting license plates from the same year and state as the model of your antique car, pickup or motorcycle on your vehicle. For instance, if you have a restored 1966 Mustang and live in the state of Virginia, you could possibly buy a set of 1966 VA plates to put on this car. YOM is a nice final touch to a restored vehicle. You have to check with the DMV of the state you live in to see if year of manufacture registration is allowed, at our last count about 39 states allow YOM. We do not check this for you, there is no way we can keep up with the laws and regulations of all the states, each state has a different set of rules. We do however keep great license plates for you. Our tags are also good for collections, a lot of people also try to assemble all 50 states of the year of their birth. This makes a great family hobby. We stock car, truck, pickup, motorcycles and other odd type of license plates and are also now starting to include later scenic issues that are becoming very popular to collect. Our license plates also make great and unique gifts.
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