Zion National Park Sandstone Cliffs Rising in the Air

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A Museum Quality Print of Zion National Park Sandstone Cliffs Rising in the Air for sale by Brandywine General Store. Zion National Park is located in southwest Utah and encompasses 229 square miles of land. Located in this preserve are high plateaus, deep sandstone canyons, the Virgin River and 2,000 foot high Navajo Sandstone cliffs. The diverse habitat includes more than 1,000 species of plants ranging from the tall cottonwoods that grow along the river to the towering pines and firs in the higher peaks. Prickly pears, cholla and yucca grow in the desert while the hanging gardens have Zion shooting stars, scarlet monkey flowers and Western and Golden columbines. The animal life isn't left out either, with the diverse plants and habitat, this area supports around 67 species of mammals, 29 different kinds of reptiles and other amphibians, fish and birds. The geological formations of this scenic park have been in the making for over 250,000,000 years, back to the time when the area was a shallow sea. Picture #78 from Highsmith

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