Whistler James McNeill - Whistler's Mother Art Print

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An archival premium Quality Art Print of Whistler's Mother by James McNeill Whistler for sale by Brandywine General Store. This is one of the most famous of United States paintings that is not on American soil. Anna McNeill Whistler posed for this portrait while living with her son in London. Some stories say she was originally a replacement for another model who could not keep her appointment. While another story says that the portrait was originally intended for the Mother to be standing for this pose, however standing this long was uncomfortable for her, so she was set on the chair for the painting. No Matter what story is true this was a very fortunate set of circumstances for the artist. This was originally called Arrangement in Grey and Black #1 and was panned in Britain by the critics. The painting was considered radical for the time due to its unsentimental and unflattering portrayal of the model. Some critics even suggested that he had depicted his Mother in how she would look after she died, while another said this was an experiment of an eccentric artist. Whistler was ecstatic when the Luxembourg Museum bought this painting, he felt he was finally vindicated after the treatment he received in England. Anna Whistler was a woman of Victorian standards, she was pious, submissive and her life was centered on the home. She suffered great tragedy at a young age, losing her husband and three children to illness. She lived in three countries, Russia, England and the United States where she witnessed the Civil War. She was very involved in her son Jame's life, she knew all his fellow artists, students, patrons and the collectors of his works. She was fascinated by all these people. After this painting was bought by the French State, Whistler started attracting donors and patrons who bought his art. Famous artists print #98

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