Zurbaran Francisco de - Saint Lucy art print

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 115 religious

An archival premium Quality art Print of Saint Lucy painted by Spanish artist Francisco de Zurbaran  between 1625- 30 for sale by Brandywine General Store. The oil on canvas shows a well dressed and jeweled woman from an aristocratic family from Syracuse in the 4th century, holding a tribute of eyeballs on a pewter dish. The legend of St. Lucy is that she was determined to live her life for Christ. When a suitor would not give up on her, insisting that her beauty gave him no peace, she plucked out her eyeballs so he would leave her alone. Astounded by her faith, the suitor then also turned to Christianity. Later during prayer, St. Lucy's eyesight was miraculously restored. Picture #115 a religious art print made from an antique painting.


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