Veronese - Sacrifice of Isaac Religious Art Print

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SKU: 34 Religious

An archival premium Quality art Print of the Sacrifice of Isaac by Veronese for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist finished this oil on canvas in 1586 with the original measuring 51 by 37 inches and now hanging at the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain. The painting depicts the moment in time from the Old Testament, Genesis Book 22 in which Abraham prepares to sacrifice his only son Isaac, on order from God and being stopped by the Angel. God is testing Abraham's faith by requiring him to sacrifice his son, when God sees that Abraham follows His orders without question, he is convinced of Abraham's faith. He then sends an angel to save Isaac at the last moment, ordering that a Lamb be sacrificed instead of Isaac. The composition shows Isaac being held on the altar by his father, whose right hand bears the knife he is going to use to kill his son, with the angel holding this arm in order to save Isaac. This work of art was acquired at the auction of the belongings of Charles I of England and was installed at the Monastery of El Escorial where it remained until entering the Prado Museum Collection in 1837 where it remains today. Religious art print #34

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