Van Buren Martin - Presidential Portrait by George Healy art print

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An archival premium Quality art Print of President Martin Van Buren by George Peter Alexander Healy for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist painted this oil on canvas in 1864 from sittings by the former President in the years 1857 and 1858. This portrait was one of the first likenesses that was acquired for the White House under a congressional act of 1857 which authorized the purchase of Presidential Portraits for the White House Collections. George P. A. Healy was one of the most popular portrait artists of the mid 19th century and was selected to do this Official White House Presidential Portrait. Martin Van Buren was the 8th President of the United States. He was elected to office in 1837 after serving as Andrew Jackson's Vice President. His genius as a backroom strategist earned Van Buren the nickname of LIttle Magician. This trait served him well as vice president, however, when he was elected President, he had more trouble getting things done. A recession lasted throughout most of his term which earned him another nickname "Martin Van Ruin". Probably due to the recession and his taste for finer things in life limited his Presidency to one term which ended in 1841. In later years though, the Presidency of Martin Van Buren has acquired a better reputation. Famous People art print #67

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