Teniers, David the Younger - Art Collection of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in Brussels

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An archival premium Quality art Print of The Art Collection of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Brussels by David Teniers the Younger for sale by Brandywine General Store. This oil on canvas measures 48.4 inches by 65 inches and the original now hangs at the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria. In 1646 Archduke Leopold Wilhelm was appointed Governor of the Low Countries and took up residence at the Coudenberg Palace in Brussels. He was already a grand patron of the Arts with extensive art collections, which he continuously added paintings by the top Flemish and Italian master artists. In 1651, David Teniers the Younger was appointed as Court Painter and curator of the Archduke's gallery and art collection. Teniers reproduced 244 of the most prestigious of these works of art in reduced format, which served as one of the World's first art cataologues. This painting was completed in 1651 and was the first of a numerous series of views of the Archduke's collection that Teniers was to paint. This harmonious symmetrical composition shows a part of the Governor's very recently purchased Italian Collection. Old Masters art print #28

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