Coorte, Adriaen Still Life with Butterfly, Apricot, Cherries and Chestnut

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 95 antique botanical

An archival premium Quality Fine Art Print of A Still Life With a Butterfly, Apricots, Cherries and a Chestnut by Adriaen Coorte for sale by Brandywine General Store. This oil on canvas was finished by this Dutch Artist in the year 1685 and recently sold in 2011 by Sothebys Auction House for 290,000.00 against an estimate of 200 to 300,000 dollars. The original art measures 16 by 14 inches in size. The picture shows a branch of fully ripe orange apricots with a branch of red cherries tied to the apricot branch, while on the lower left is a table with a big chestnut burr with the nut ripened and ready to pop out of its husk and a small butterfly in front of the chestnut. Antique Botanical art print #95

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