Sinclair Gas Station in Texas Art Print

Brandywine General Store


A Museum Quality Art Print of a Sinclair Gas Station in Texas for sale by Brandywine General Store. Our premium archival artwork shows the station with it's picturesque shape that was built around 1935 in Snyder, Texas and closed in 1970, a few years ago it was meticulously restored by service station memorabilia collectors. These stations always remind you of being a large play house with their unique shape and triangular roof lines. Sinclair was ahead of their time, they even had an early form of canopy over the two gasoline pumps closest to the station. Against the building is a nice red coca cola vending machine where the bottles of Coke cost a dime. The two gas pump globes on the pumps under the canopy roof are advertising the regular gasoline with the dinosaur and Sinclair HC Gasoline. The 3rd pump out by the road advertises Sinclair Power X which was their super fuel. Sinclair Lubrication and Opaline Motor Oil are also at this station. Rounding out the original feel of this place is an old Chevrolet pickup from around 1965 which is in as good condition as the station and the antiques surrounding it. Picture #16

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