Rembrandt - Mennonite Preacher Anslo & Wife

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An archival premium Quality Print of Mennonite Preacher Anslo and Wife by Rembrandt for sale by Brandywine General Store. This oil on canvas was painted by Harmenszoon Van Rijn Rembrandt in the year 1641, this was a very large canvas as the original size was 68.4 inches by 81.7 inches. Preacher Cornelis Anslo was born in Amsterdam in 1592 and died there in 1646. He became a Waterlander Mennonite Preacher in 1617 and due to his wealth he was able to give liberally to the poor. He was a good friend of Rembrandt, hence the portrait. The scene shows the preacher and most likely one of his flock in his study. He is perhaps reciting out of the Bible to the widow as it is open on the table. A smyrna rug is showing in the study along with a flickering candle and behind the dark cloth hangings are rows of books, which were quite rare in this day and time. Even though this picture is titled "and wife", it is thought that this elderly woman was in fact perhaps a recently widowed woman who had come to the preacher for solace and comfort. Please keep in mind this painting is over 350 years old and does show a lot of wear and flaws that we can not remove without ruining the original look of the painting. Old Masters art print #15

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