Queen Christina Movie Poster starring Greta Garbo

Brandywine General Store


A Museum Quality Print of the Queen Christina Movie Poster starring Greta Garbo for sale by Brandywine General Store. This classic movie advertising has printed across the front Garbo, Queen Christina, A Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer Picture. The movie plot is as follows - Following the death of her father King Gustavus Adolphus during the Thirty Year's War in 1632, six year old Christina ascends to the throne of Sweden. She becomes a wise and just ruler but has never entered into any romances, remaining a single woman. However as the War rages on, she accidentally and secretly falls in love with an emissary from Spain, even though a marriage between the two seems totally out of question. She is forced in the end to choose between love and her duties as Queen. This movie was released by MGM in 1933. Picture #30 an archival premium quality movie poster by Brandywine General Store.

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