1864 Republican Lincoln and Johnson Civil War Campaign Poster

Brandywine General Store


A Museum Quality Print of a beautiful lithograph with water coloring by Currier and Ives featuring the 1864 Presidential Republican campaign poster of Abraham Lincoln running as President with Andrew Johnson as his vice president. This was perhaps the most tumultuous election ever held in the United States as this was in the midst of the Civil War. The Republican ticket with Lincoln at the top won this election by a landslide over the Democratic candidate, George McClellan. Lincoln won 24 states to McClellan's 3, with 212 electoral votes against 21. Of course, the Southern States did not vote in this election, however three new states, namely West Virginia, Nevada and Kansas had been admitted to the Union since the election of 1860. All three of these states went for Lincoln. The state of Nevada was supposed to have three electors, but one of the electors was snowbound in Colorado and did not get to vote, since the state had just been newly formed and the legislators had not yet met, there were no rules in place to cast a replacement vote. The Soldiers of the Northern Army gave Lincoln 70% of their vote in this election. This lithograph by Currier and Ives has two oval pictures of Lincoln and Johnson in the center, above the portraits are the American Flags and large Eagle with the Temple of Liberty under the Eagle. At the bottom is a farming scene with a horse pulling a plow, red draperies surround the entire picture. The bottom printings says Grand, National Union Banner for 1864 and Liberty, Union and Victory. Picture #10 an archival premium quality political broadside print by Brandywine General Store.

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