Pocahontas Saves the Life of John Smith by Johann Friedrich Engel

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An archival premium Quality art Print of Pocahontas Saves the Life of John Smith by Johann Friedrich Engel for sale by Brandywine General Store. In December of 1607 while Captain John Smith was exploring on the Chickahominy River, he was captured by a hunting party led by Powhatan's younger brother, Opechancanough. Smith was then taken to Powhatan's Capitol city of Werowocomoco. In Smith's first account of this incident in 1608 he must mentions a feast and talking to the Indian Chief, Powhatan. However in a later account in 1616 in a report to Queen Anne he wrote that the Indians had laid his head on great stones upon which they were going to take their clubs and beat his brains out. However at the last minute, Pocahontas, the Kings dearest daughter, got Smith's head in her arms and laid her own head upon the stones, thus saving John Smith's life. Of course, no one knows which account is true or if both are true, some historians think that Pocahontas did in fact save Capt Smith's life and he just didn't see the need to mention this in his first report, while others think that nothing like this ever happened, he was just trying to make Pocahontas look better in the eyes of the English leaders. No one will ever know the truth now, as this incident happened over 400 years ago. The size of this original artwork is 22 by 26. Engel was a German artist who lived from 1844 to 1921. Famous people art print #43

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