Pine Grosbeak Art Print by Unknown Artist

Brandywine General Store


An archival premium Quality Art Print of the Pine Grosbeak by an Anonymous Artist for sale by Brandywine General Store. This nice Ornithology painting was painted by an unknown person, it was not signed, however it was dated with the date of January 13, 1841. Even though this was not done by a famous artist such as Audubon, the work is quite good. With the reds and greens this also makes an excellent print to hang for Christmas decoration. The scene shows a brightly colored male with red, blue and black coloring, while beside him is a female whose colors are grays and yellows. Both are posed in a branch of the cedar tree which is a dark green in color with blue berries. The Pine Grosbeak is the largest species in the true finch family. They breed and live in the coniferous forests of the colder climates in the areas of Alaska, the western mountains of the United States, Canada, Sub arctic Fennoscanida and Siberia. In the winter they move slightly south, but still stay in the colder regions of the World. Flocks in the winter time will find a tree full of fruits and they will stay at that one tree until all the fruits are consumed before moving on. Country Decor art print #149

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