Perry's Cave Ceiling and Floor Art Print

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A Museum Quality Art Print of Perry's Cave Ceiling and Floor. This picture gives a good view of the floor and ceiling of this cavern located under South Bass Island in Lake Erie. You can see thousands of stalactites starting to form on the ceiling while many stalagmites are forming on the floor. In another few million years, the two shall meet. These caverns were discovered by Commodore Perry and his men during the War of 1812 when they were here fighting the British. There is much fresh water running through this cavern which has been used greatly during the years. In the early 1900s one of the World's largest hotels was located on this island and they used all their water from this cavern. This picture has been processed in black and white as there really isn't much color in these caverns.

At Fine Art Prints of Distinction we painstakingly repair the original files of these old paintings and print them using premium quality inks and paper. The end result is a beautiful, archival reproduction print that will last in your home for generations and at a low cost so anyone can now have great artworks hanging in their home or business. Brandywine General Store is proud to offer for sale a Premium Fine Art Print made from a photograph entitled Perry's Cave Ceiling and Floor.

Inventory #251 - Art Prints by Brandywine General Store

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