Old Crow Distillery Whiskey Train Advertising Print

Brandywine General Store


A Museum Quality Print of Old Crow Distillery showing The Sour Mash Express vintage advertisement with a train made up of whiskey kegs, barrels, boxes and etc. At the front of the train is printed Hermitage Distillery Copper Distilled Whiskey W. A Gaines and company Proprietors of Old Crow Distillery in Franklin County Kentucky. All these products must be from this distillery. Some of the brands featured on the Sour Mash Express train are Moet and Chandon, J&F Brandy and Cognac, Eschenauer and Co Sellers of White Seal Bordeaux, Reeds Stomach Bitters, Chapin and Gore Sour Mash Whiskey, Hermitage Distillery Pure Rye Whiskey, Old Crow and more. Beside the train is even more whiskey barrels, crates and bottles. An excellent print for the pool room or recreation basement area or for collectors of general store memorabilia. Picture #26

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