Mount Rushmore an Aerial View

Brandywine General Store


A museum quality print of an Aerial View of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota for sale by Brandywine General Store. Mount Rushmore is a sculpture carved into the granite face the mountain featuring 60 feet high heads of four American Presidents namely George Washington completed in 1934, Thomas Jefferson, completed 1936, Abraham Lincoln finished in 1937 and Theodore Roosevelt finished in 1939. Funding was not approved by Congress to finish the sculptures down to the waist as originally planned. Over ninety percent of Mount Rushmore was carved by using dynamite, blasting around 450,000 tons of rock off the face of the mountain, of which you can still see in this photo. The faces were carved by danish American Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln from October 02, 1927 to October 31, 1941 and 400 other workers. This monument only cost 1 million dollars to create but of course, is considered priceless today. Mount Rushmore was named after Charles E. Rushmore, a prominent New York Lawyer during an expedition in 1885, but was known by the Lakota Sioux Indians as Six Grandfathers. Picture # Geo 23 an archival landscape print made from a photograph in the Highsmith Collection.


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