Luther, Martin - Portrait from the Workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 49 Famous People

An archival premium Quality art Print of Martin Luther from the Workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder sold by Brandywine General Store. Cranach or people working in his shop completed this artwork in the year 1540 and it now hangs in the Veste Coburg Castle in Germany. Martin Luther took refuge in Veste Coburg in 1530 as an outlaw of the Holy Roman Empire, staying here for the duration of the Diet of Augsburg. While here he continued his translation work on the Bible. He was under the protection of Elector John the Steadfast while he was hidden in the castle. The medieval Veste Coburg is one of the biggest and most beautiful of the castles left standing in Germany, it was mostly rebuilt in the 19th century. Today this triple walled fortress houses three different museums and more for sightseers, who come from all over the World to view this magnificent structure. Famous People art print #49

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