Louis, Seraphine - Red Flowers Folk Art Print

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 165 country decor

An archival premium quality folk art Print of Red Flowers by Seraphine Louis, a French Painter of the naive style for sale by Brandywine General Store. This artist was born in 1864 with her mother dying when she was 1 years old and her father dying a few years later. Being orphaned she led a hard early life. She became a shepherdess and later cleaned houses for the middle class people. After working a hard day's work she would come home and paint by candlelight, usually in secret. Her art ability was discovered by Wilhhelm Uhde, who found one of her paintings in his neighbors house and was surprised to find out that his house cleaner, Louis, had painted the canvas. Uhde had a hand in discovering Picasso, Braque and Rosseau. Seraphine Louis was ill prepared to handler her fame, she had a mental illness and was committed to Clermont lunatic asylum for chronic psychosis in 1932. Some say she died in 1934 while others think that she actually lived until 1942 in a hospital annex where she died friendless and alone. The French biographical film, Seraphine was about the artist's life and won seven Cesar award including best film and best actress for Yolande Moreau who starred in the title role. This painting shows a bouquet of five flowers with them and the background all completed in tints of red. Country Decor art print #165

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