Louis, Seraphine - Pink and White Flower Bouquet of Flowers Folk Art

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A Museum Quality Reproduction Print of Pink and White Bouquet of Flowers by Seraphine Louis. This self taught French artist painted works in the naive style that are rich fantasies of intensely repeated and embellished floral arrangements. She used colors and pigments that she made herself from unusual and exotic ingredients that she never revealed, but have stood the test of time for durable vividness. The surfaces of her paintings have a matte, almost waxy appearance. She was an artist with an irresistible urge to create, which no doubt served as an outlet for her mental disease for which she was institutionalized in 1932. She was the subject of the French autobiography movie entitled Seraphine. This folk art composition shows a bouquet of white and pink flowers that are swirling as if being blown around by the wind.

This museum quality giclee print of Pink and White Bouquet of Flowers by Seraphine Louis is made with the highest quality by Fine Art Prints of Distinction and proudly offered for sale by Brandywine General Store to help with your interior decorating needs of home or business.

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