King Charles I, Five Children of - Portrait by Anthony Van Dyck print

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An archival premium Quality art Print of The Five Children of King Charles I by Anthony Van Dyck for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist completed this artwork in the year 1637. The original oil on canvas measures 35 by 69 inches in size and is now in the National Portrait Gallery in London, England. King Charles I commissioned this portrait of his children for 100 pounds. The children are as follows from left to right - Princess Mary who later became Princess of Orange and the mother of William III, James, Duke of York, later becoming James II, Prince Charles, Later Charles II, Princess Elizabeth and in her sister's lap is the baby Princess Anne. The future Charles II has his hand on a giant Mastiff, these dogs had been guard dogs since the ancient Roman times and it appears in this picture as a protector for the royal children at a time of civil unrest. With the artist's placement of the boy's hand signifies that he can control this beast and consequently his country. A small "King Charles" spaniel dog is at the right. This was a very popular composition and has been copied many times over the centuries. Van Dyck's informal drawing of the royal children is decidedly different than the formal portraits of children a generation earlier, which always made the subjects look like miniature adults instead of children. Famous people art print #23

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