Jordaens, Jacob - Feast of the Bean King Fine Art Print

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SKU: 70 old masters

An archival premium Quality art Print of Feast of the Bean King by Jacob Jordaens for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist finished this oil on canvas sometime during the period of 1640 - 45. The size of the original artwork is 95 by 118 inches and now resides at the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna from the collection of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm. Forgetting all their cares of their hard life, the revelers are united in song, costumes, gluttony and drunkenness and are pressed into the smallest conceivable space they can get into. Several days earlier, at Epiphany, they had bought slips of paper with the names of various court offices and to choose the King a cake had been made containing a single bean. The guest who found the bean in his piece of cake, became the King of the Feast. The oldest participant of the bunch has received the bean and is wearing the crown, he has chosen the prettiest woman as his "queen". On the right above the King's massive head is the "royal taster" performing his duties. The "doctor" on the left is throwing up dangerously close to the foods. In the foreground is the poorly illuminated but powerful figure of the "equerry" who has already lost his slip of paper. In the background is an inscription on a car-touche saying "nothing is more like a madman than a drunk". Old Masters art print #70

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