Jans, Geertgen Tot sint - The Legend of the Relics of St. John the Baptist Fine Art Print

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An archival premium Quality art Print of The Legend of the Relics of St. John the Baptist by Geertgen tot Sint Jans for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist finished the painting sometime after 1484. It was originally a large altarpiece, that was created by Geertgen on a commission from the Haarlem Order of St. John of Jerusalem. During the siege of the city by the Spanish in 1573 this large triptych altarpiece was destroyed with only the right wing surviving on which the back features the painting, "The Lamentation of Christ". The front and back were separated and both are in separate museums with both pieces being in a very fragile condition. The groups in the painting are described thus: Herodias had persuaded her daughter, Salome to demand the head of John the Baptist from her stepfather, Herod Antipas, in return for her dancing at his birthday feast. The artist depicts the burial of St. John in the background, while Herodias is seen hiding his head in the palace garden, stretched out behind the tomb. According to medieval legend, Emperor Julian the Apostage (361-363 AD) appears with his entourage at the front of the painting, ordered the burning of St. John's corpse, but monks who happened to be present prevented the complete destruction of the relics. A delegation from the Order of these Monks is seen standing at the open tomb, at the upper right they are taking the rescued relics to Jerusalem. Clear lighting and strong colors, which still remain today, leave no detail unexplained, with the group of figures standing at the open tomb, Geertgen also has created the first group portrait in Netherlandish painting. Religious art print #56

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