Greco, El - Portrait of Fray Hortensio Felix Paravicino Fine Art Print

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SKU: 65 old masters

An archival premium Quality art Print of Portrait of Fray Hortensio Felix Paravicino by El Greco for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist finished this oil on canvas in the year 1609. The size of the original artwork is 44 by 34 inches and now hangs in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts after being acquired by this institution in 1904 at the bargain price of 17, 166.00. Fray Paravicino was a close friend of the artist and was an important Theologian, orator and poet. In this sitting, El Greco limits the colors almost entirely to the black and white of the Friar's habit, compelling a subtle and compelling image that emphasizes psychological rather than physical presence. Some art historians consider this one of the finest portraits ever painted. Old Masters art print #65

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