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A Museum Quality Print of the Girls by Clyde Fitch Theater Poster. Girls is a comedy about life in New York and the poster dates from around 1910. It shows a stylish woman setting under a hair dryer and her name is Miss Violet, the colors are all orange, white and black and it tells us that this was Clyde Fitch's greatest comedy. If you didn't know better this poster reminds you of the style of the 1960s. This was an all comedy play and was the first by Mr. Fitch since 1904 when he wrote Cousin Billy. There were around 6 characters in this play and each one had roughly equivalent roles without any single star. Clyde Fitch was a very popular play writer during his lifetime, however after his early death at the age of 44, he fell into obscurity. He was the first American Playwright to publish his own plays.

At Fine Art Prints of Distinction we painstakingly repair the original files of these old paintings and print them using premium quality inks and paper. The end result is a beautiful, archival reproduction print that will last in your home for generations and at a low cost so anyone can now have great artworks hanging in their home or business. Brandywine General Store is proud to offer for sale a Premium Fine Art Print made from the Girls by Clyde Fitch Theater Poster.

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