Giorgione - The Three Philosophers Art Print

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An archival premium Quality Art Print of The Three Philosophers by Giorgione for sale by Brandywine General Store. This oil on canvas was painted by the Italian High Renaissance artist Giorgione between 1505 to 1509. The artwork shows three philosophers, one young, one middle aged and one old man. The work was originally commissioned by the Venetian noble Taddeo Contarini, a Venetian merchant who had an interest in the occult and alchemy. The painting was in the Archduke Leopold Wilhelm's collection for awhile as it is shown in the work done by David Teniers who cataloged the Archduke's vast and priceless art collection. The three figures are allegorical, the old bearded man is a Greek Philosopher, possibly either Plato or Aristotle. the middle aged man is of Arab descent and could be Avicenna or Averroes from the Islamic Golden Age. The setting young man is observing a cave on the left and is apparently measuring it with some instruments, he could be a representation of the new sciences of the Renaissance period. The exact meaning of this painting has been lost to history, as several theories now exist. Old Masters art print #77This artwork is now over 500 years old and does show a lot of wear which can not all be removed.

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