Edison's Greatest Marvel The Vitascope Fine Art Advertising Print

Brandywine General Store


A Museum Quality Print of Edison's Greatest Marvel the Vitascope for sale by Brandywine General Store. This vintage ad is from 1896 and shows a demonstration of this forerunner of the modern movie projector. The room is full of people with the vitascope high up in the balcony as you can see the light coming down onto the screen. The screen is within a frame made to look just like a picture, several girls are in this movie and they are shown dancing on the screen. The orchestra is setting in the front playing music to match the scenes in the short film. The Vitascope was patented by Thomas Arnat in 1895, Edison adapted this machine to project his Kinetoscope films, leading first to the Nickelodeon theater and soon to the full length motion picture film after a few more adaptions. Picture #106 an archival premium quality advertising print by Brandywine General Store.

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