Delacroix, Eugene - Horse Frightened by Lightning

Brandywine General Store

SKU: 180 country decor

An archival premium Quality Art Print of Horse Frightened by Lightning by Eugene Delacroix for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist finished this watercolor with lead white on paper sometime during the period of 1825 to 1829. Delacroix was a leader of the French Romantic Period. Most of his art he kept, he was reluctant to sell or part with any of his paintings, therefore he did not become well known until after his death. This painting of Horse Frightened by Lighting was an exception, he gave this artwork to his friend, fellow artist, Louis Auguste Schwiter. In this masterpiece, the artist throws light on the rearing white horse from the lightning strikes, the red of the eyes and extended nostrils shows that this horse is in a pure panic. This gift was in gratitude for the use of a collection of antique medals from which Delacroix made lithographs. Country Decor art print #180

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