David Vann Cherokee Chief Native American Portrait

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A Museum Quality Reproduction Print of David Vann Cherokee Chief Native American Portrait. Vann was born January 01, 1800 in Indian Territory in Georgia and died December 23, 1863. He was a sub chief who later was elected treasurer of the Cherokee Nation in 1839 and in subsequent years. In the fall of 1825 the Creek Indians decided they needed more experienced negotiators to present their case against expulsion from their tribal lands in the southeast, so they retained David Vann and John Ridge. Both of these Indians were well educated and fluent in English and met with President Adams to help the Native American cause. Vann was also a member of the Treaty party that supported negotiations with the US for voluntary emigration of the Cherokee peoples to the West . This led to the Treaty of New Echota in 1835, leading to the removal of the Cherokees in 1838. After the Cherokees were moved to Indian Territory in the west, David Vann became assistant principal chief of the Cherokee Nation. During the Civil War he was killed by the Pin Indians in 1863.

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