Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques Louis David Art Print

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An archival premium Quality art print of Napoleon Crossing the Alps painted by Jacques Louis David in 1801 for sale by Brandywine General Store. The painting is also sometimes known as Bonaparte at the Saint Bernard Pass. The scene portrays Napoleon crossing the Alps in a military excursion against the Austrians in which he won, culminating in the Battle of Marengo. This is a portrait of authority, showing Napoleon setting astride a rearing white Arabian stallion, to the left is a mountain, while in the background, the French troops haul a large canon and the tri color French National Flag. Napoleon refused to set for this portrait, the artist did have Napoleon's uniform from the Battle of Marengo, he put this uniform on one of his sons and perched him on top of a ladder, and used him as the model of which to paint the Emperor. Napoleon did however insist upon an equestrian setting for the pose and in the end he must have been quite pleased as he ordered the artist to paint three more, one hung in Madrid, two in Paris and one in Milan, showing the reaches of his conquests. Many people found this portrait to be stiff and lifeless, others found it as pure propaganda, but no matter what all the critics said, this was by far the most popular portrait ever painted of Napoleon Bonaparte. Famous people art print #18

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