Dakota Territory and Uncle Sam Fine Art Print

Brandywine General Store


A Museum Quality Fine Art Print of The Dakota Territory and Uncle Sam from the year 1886 for sale by Brandywine General Store. The purpose of this poster was probably to gain support for statehood of the Territory of Dakota and also to promote the homestead land that was available to settlers who would come to this area to live. Two allegorical women are before Uncle Sam and a large eagle. One of the women is showing the attributes to Uncle Sam of all the assets in the Dakotas, while the other woman is getting ready to write the Dakota Name on the board with all the other current states. Some of the attributes shown on the banner are Population was 600,000 on 150,932 square miles with 4,246 miles of Railroads, 1,039 post offices, 352 newspapers in the territory, 1.9 million dollars was spent for the support of the public schools. On the farming side the wheat crop was 30,704,000 bushels, the corn crop was 15,805,000 bushels and the value of the livestock in the Dakotas was over 43 million dollars. In the lower left corner is a plaque which tells us that there was still 24 million acres of Government land in Dakota still vacant and subject to homestead and pre-emption with detailed maps available showing the location of everything. Picture #76

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