Crab Nebula m1 premium poster

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A Museum Quality Poster of the Crab Nebula m1. The Crab Nebula is one of the brightest persistent light sources of outer space in the night sky visible from Earth. Our premium artwork shows this exploding mass in bright colors of purple and white surrounded by a deep black sky filled with purple dots of light. In the summer of the year 1054 AD, Chinese astronomers saw a new "guest star," that appeared six times brighter than Venus. So bright in fact, it could be seen during the daytime for several months. Halfway around the world, Native Americans made pictographs of a crescent moon with the bright star nearby that some think may also have been a record of the supernova. Our premium poster has an added purple at the bottom with text The Crab Nebula M1. Around the image is a thin gray border followed by a wide black border. Picture #61a

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