Cezanne Paul - Chateau Noir Fine Art Print

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An archival premium Quality fine art print of Chateau Noir by French Post Impressionist artist Paul Cezanne. This house was the stuff of local legends and was formerly called Chateau Diable or "Castle of the Devil". The Black Manor with its gothic windows and incomplete walls has the looks of a ruin, however it seemed to match the mood of Cezanne since he painted Chateau Noir several times between the period of 1900 to 1904. This painting is cramped, remote, difficult and forbidding, later in his life Cezanne was attracted not only to the fundamental order of nature but also its chaos and restlessness. The castle was located on a hillside near the Bibemus quarry. Besides painting Chateau Noir, Cezanne found this area fertile for subject matter, finding numerous subjects to paint on the grounds of the estate and in the thick woods surrounding the castle. Famous Artists print #29

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