Caravaggio - The Cardsharp

Brandywine General Store

SKU: #08 old masters

A Museum Quality Print of The Cardsharp by Caravaggio, this oil on canvas was painted by Caravaggio around 1594 for sale by Brandywine General Store. This canvas was an important milestone for the artist as this was the 1st painting he attempted as an independent artist after leaving the workshop of Cavaliere Giuseppe Cesare d'Arpino, for whom he had been painting flowers and fruits and putting the finishing touches on the mass produced paintings done by d'Arpino. This canvas shows a well dressed unworldly boy playing cards with another boy. The 2nd boy is the cardsharp and has extra cards tucked in his belt behind his back, while a sinister older man is looking over the shoulder of the dupe and signaling to his partner, the cardsharp. This painting, along with its companion, The Fortune Teller, showed realistic scenes of street life, a new idea of the time. Please keep in mind that this painting is over 400 years old and does show wear. Old Masters painting #08

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