Caillebotte, Gustave - Paris Street Rainy Day Fine Art Print

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A Museum Quality Print of Paris Street Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist finished this oil on canvas in the year 1877 with the original being 84 by 109 inches in size and now hangs in the Art Institute of Chicago. This masterpiece by Caillebotte brings to life the new boulevards that were changing the cityscape of Paris. With the curiously detached people walking down the sidewalk, the canvas depicts the anonymity that the boulevards seemed to create. This artwork appeared in the 3rd Impressionist exhibit held in April 1877. The artist at this time was 29 years old and wealthy and was the youngest and most ambitious of the Impressionist Artist group in France. This scene is near the Saint-Lazare train station. With the gaslights, carriages and cobblestone streets, this today looks like a quaint vintage view of old world Paris, however when it was painted it constituted a bold look at a swiftly modernizing city.

At Fine Art Prints of Distinction we painstakingly repair the original files of these old paintings and print them using premium quality inks and paper. The end result is a beautiful, archival reproduction print that will last in your home for generations and at a low cost so anyone can now have great artworks hanging in their home or business. Brandywine General Store is proud to offer for sale a premium print made from the painting Paris Street Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte.

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