Brueghel, Jan the Elder - Flowers in a Wooden Vessel Fine Art Print

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SKU: Old Masters #63

A Museum Quality Print of Flowers in a Wooden Vessel by Jan Brueghel the Elder for sale by Brandywine General Store. The artist finished this oil on wood in the year 1606. The size of the original artwork is 39 by 29 inches and now hangs in the Vienna Museum of Fine Arts. This is the earliest surviving example of Brueghel's still life paintings of flowers. The archbishop of Milan said of this painting "When winter approaches, covering everything in ice, I take pleasure in the view and in my imagination even in the scent of flowers, if not real ones then the artificial kind found in the painting." Brueghel originally painted this bouquet of flowers for the Archduke Albert VII, the sovereign regent of Spanish Netherlands. This became one of the most famous of all the European flower still life paintings. The artist conveniently ignores the fact that not all of these flowers portrayed would have been blooming in unison. Some of the flowers included in this huge bouquet are peonies, tulips, fritillaria, iris, roses, asters, lillies and many more varieties are also painted. Old Masters Painting #63

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