Bellini, Giovanni - St. Francis in the Desert Art Print

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An archival premium Quality Art Print of Saint Francis in the Desert for sale by Brandywine General Store. The original of this oil on panel was started by Giovanni Bellini in 1475 and the canvas was finished by 1480, this was one of the first Italian masterpieces painted in oil. The scene in this picture takes place in 1224 when Francesco Bernardone, soon to be canonized as St. Francis of Assisi, retires to a mountain in Tuscany. As he fasts and prays he is rewarded with a visit by the Divinity itself, which left the marks of Christ's wounds on his flesh, making him the 1st person ever favored with this stigmata. This painting, considered one of the greatest works of Christian Art, is in the Frick collection in New York City. Religious art print #01

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