Beert, Osias the elder - Dishes with Oysters, Fruit and Wine Still Life Print

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SKU: Still Life #14

A Museum Quality Print of Dishes with Oysters, Fruit and Wine by Osias Beert the Elder for sale by Brandywine General Store. The Flemish painter completed this oil on panel sometime during the period of 1620 to 1625. The original artwork has been at the National Gallery of Art since 1995. Around the turn of the 17th century, a number of Flemish painters presented sumptuous tabletop still lifes to delight the viewer, and none surpassed Osias Beert. The carefully crafted objects and expensive delicacies that he depicted celebrate a world of abundance and beauty in a style that shows off Beert's mastery of textural effects and realistic detail. The 11 oysters arranged upon the pewter plate are striking examples of this realism: their amorphous forms appear to be so liquid that one can readily imagine the oysters slipping from their pearly white shells. Nearby, two exotic shells emphasize the exceptional rarity of the objects and foods arrayed on the table. Luxurious sweets decorated with gold leaf fill the Wan-Li bowl in the foreground, while raisins, figs, and almonds overflow two other Ming-period bowls. Elegant sweets, including candied cinnamon bark and candied almonds that have been colored yellow, pink, and green, fill a ceramic tazza. Quince paste, which was stored in simple, wooden boxes, was another delicacy enjoyed at special festivities. The elegant Venetian-style glasses made by Flemish craftsmen hold red and white wine, so appropriate to this feast. Still Life Painting #14

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