Asselijn, Jan - The Threatened Swan Fine Art Bird Print

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SKU: Old Masters #35

Museum Quality Print of The Threatened Swan by Jan Asselijn. In this masterpiece, the artist shows a white swan leaping out at the viewer, but she is in fact protecting her nest of eggs from a dog that is swimming towards her in the water. All we see of the dog is the head with its teeth bared. Asselijn somehow layered the paints on the bird which almost makes the swan's feathers look three dimensional. Jan Asselijn, a close friend of Rembrandt, was a landscape artist but his most famous painting by far and away is this one of the threatened swan. In later years, owners of this painting added phrases to make this a political painting, being seen as an allegory of Dutch nationalism near the conclusion of their war of independence from Spain, I have removed these phrases as they were not originally in the painting as done by the artist. This work of art is currently at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, having been in this museum since around 1815. In fact, this painting was the first work of art to be purchased by the Rijksmuseum. This canvas was painted by Jan Asselijn sometime around the period of1640. Old Masters Painting #35

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