2001 Illinois Route 66 Corvette Show License Plates


SKU: 2001 IL Farm Toy Show 30

A pair of 2001 Illinois Special Event License Plates the color of these 2001 IL DMV Route 66 Corvette Show Car Tags is tan with black, red, blue, and white letters.  The date and state name, 20 Illinois 01, are printed across the top while the Land Of Lincoln and the expiration date of the plates, 10/7, are across the bottom. The grade is New Old Stock Near Mint. You may receive a different Department of Motor Vehicles Registration number than the one in the picture because we have more than one of these pairs of tags in stock at Brandywine General Store.  Illinois Special event license plates can only be displayed for a sixty day period.  These 2001 IL Tags are for the Route 66 Corvette Show that is held on the Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois.

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