1909 West Virginia License Plate

West Virginia

SKU: 1909 WV DMV 744

A very rare 1909 West Virginia Car License Plate being #31 out of the 100 rarest license plates in the United States, made of porcelain the color is red with black lettering and at the right end has the date of 1909 at the bottom, then stacked on top of the date is W. Va. This plate grades around good minus, even though there is a lot of porcelain missing in the center of the tag, the license plate still looks decent because W. Va. and the date are still pretty much intact. The State of West Virginia only issued single license plates in the early year of 1909. In the License Plate Value book by Bob and Chuck Crisler, the 1909 West Virginia license plate is listed as #31 out of the Top 100 Rare and Valuable license plates of all time from all the Fifty States. Only a handful of these exist today, so they do not come along very often for purchase. The picture shows the actual 1909 West Virginia license plate that is for sale at Brandywine General Store, since this is such a high dollar early porcelain West Virginia license plate, I also included a picture of the back of this porcelain tag. In 1909 the first Ford Model T came off Henry Ford's assembly line, so this plate possibly could be touched up and used on one of those first year Model Ts. If you plan on using this license plate for year of manufacture purpose, you first need to contact the WV department of motor vehicles to see if they would allow the use of this plate for YOM on your antique 1909 WV automobile.Also great for any higher end West Virginia License Plate Collection.

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