1991 - 1999 Indiana License Plates Tipton County



A series of low DMV Registration Number car license plates from Tipton County Indiana including Hoosier Hospitality, Amber Waves of Grain and Crossroads of America plates. These plates have the low Department of Motor Vehicles registration number of 80 A 3. The 1991, 92 and 93 plates are the Hoosier Hospitality plates, the 94 thru 98 tags are the scenic Amber Waves of Grain and the 1999 plate is the Crossroads of America with the gold torch on the left side. These DMV passenger car plates are in various conditions, each is listed separately with a picture of each. This series of plates would be great for a collection of Indiana License Plates. Tipton County is in the central northern part of the state with Tipton being the county seat.

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