1981 Hawaii License Plates


SKU: 1981 HI DMV Exc

A pair of 1981 Hawaii Car License Plates that are unused New Old Stock and available in different grades. The colors are an off white with brown lettering, HAWAII is at the top along with the date of 81, Aloha state is at the bottom. King Kamehameha is featured in the center of this tag being used for the number divider and this image makes these highly collectible tags. The Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicles made several changes to their license plate system during this year, in addition to the new base plate featuring the King in his warrior helmet, they also went to the more standard ABC-123 format and changed to a staggered monthly renewal system.This base plate was used for around 10 years before changing to the rainbow base plates. We have more than one pair of these 1981 Hawaii passenger automobile license plates available for sale at Brandywine General Store and in different conditions, but we have included a generic picture of each grade we currently have in stock.

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